"FITODROGA DERMOCOSMETIC" – two-step facial skin care program for sensitive skin

At the end of 2021, FITODROGA in cooperation with Medicine.lv offered Latvian women to test the cleansing tonic "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic Face Tonic Anti Age" and the face cream "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic Face Cream Anti Age".

Liva, 38 years old
I applied to try "Fitodroga Dermocosmetic" cleansing tonic and face cream, because in winter my skin becomes very dry and sensitive, my usual everyday products no longer provide the desired effect, and I had not yet found the right ones. I was interested not only in the composition of the products and the promised effect, but also in the fact that the products were made in Latvia and I had never heard of them before.
„FITODROGA Dermocosmetic cleansing face tonic anti age” tonic I used every day - in the morning and in the evening. The product gently foams and perfectly cleanses the skin, including make-up, which pleasantly surprised - usually I need to use additional products to get a feeling of clean skin. If there is often a feeling of dryness after using micellar water or other tonics, this tonic did not cause it, on the contrary - the skin seemed pleasantly moisturized and ready for further procedures. I also really appreciate that tonic does not have an intensive smell, use is comfortable and pleasant.
After applying the tonic I continued with „FITODROGA Dermocosmetic anti age face cream”, which I also use in the mornings and evenings. The bottle of cream is very convenient, I liked the fact that there is a airless dispenser, so there is no need to touch the contents of the tube with your fingers, and you can squeeze it out exactly as needed. The texture of the cream is good, it is easy to apply, the aroma is pleasant, unobtrusive, does not cause unnecessary irritation, the cream is not greasy, you can immediately apply make-up.
After using the products for several weeks, I can say that the condition of the skin has improved. The dryness and sensitivity have decreased, I haven't noticed any new bumps anymore, the skin is soft and pleasantly nourished.
This will definitely be my product for the winter season, thank you!

Sintija, 43  years old
At Medicine.lv I found a wonderful offer to try a cleansing tonic "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic cleansing face tonic anti age" and face cream "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic face cream anti age", which are created in Latvia. I understand that it is time for me to work out a plan for caressing my skin. I was told that this is an anti age facial cosmetic and is suitable for sensitive skin. I got acquainted with the description and realized that this dermocosmetics is suitable for my facial skin, as it contains natural active ingredients.
I am very glad that I managed to apply to try this valuable FITODROGA dermocosmetics. I have sensitive skin, especially in the autumn / winter season it is dry, reddened, red patches tend to appear on the skin. I have tried various facial care products to protect me from the negative effects of external factors. But the results have not been too good. I also noticed that the skin of the face is no longer so firm and smooth, the first signs of aging - wrinkles - have appeared.
The design of dermocosmetics is laconic and aesthetic. The use is very convenient because the bottles come with dispensers. I started the day with a cleansing tonic, moistening the cotton swab and lightly wiping the face, it foamed a little. I really like that the tonic has a very light, natural, refreshing aroma. After using the tonic, there is a pleasant feeling of purity. The cleansing tonic has a soothing, moisturizing effect. I have to admit that I haven't used any facial cleansing tonics for a while, because after using them, the skin on my face was irritated. So before that, I simply washed my face with water. When I started using FITODROGA cleansing tonic, I realized how important it is to cleanse the face, because it reduced sensitivity, redness and inflammation in the first week. I also cleaned my face with tonic in the evening, although I didn't use make-up, and I saw how dirty the cotton swab had become.
After cleansing the face, I apply FITODROGA Anti Age cream every morning and evening. The aroma of the face cream is also light, natural and fresh, and I really like this soothing feeling. The texture of the cream is light, silky and it is immediately absorbs into the skin.
For the first time after applying the cream, I felt that the skin was both moisturized and nourished, and a soft protective layer had formed.
I have been using cleansing tonic and anti age face cream for a whole month and I am excited about the results. Facial skin is no longer dry and sensitive, redness and inflammation are gone. The skin of the face has become softer, smoother, and the wrinkles are no longer pronounced, because they are filled and smoothed. I have realized that cleansing your face with a tonic and also using an age-appropriate face cream is very important. I agree that the right choice of facial care products is a long-term investment in maintaining well-groomed skin. I have found the perfect facial cosmetics for myself.
Many thanks to FitoDroga for creating this innovative and unique dermocosmetic!

Gunda, 42 years old
On the portal medicine.lv I applied to test the two-step facial care program "Fitodroga Dermocosmetic", because my skin is dry and sensitive, especially in autumn and winter it needs special care and protection.
The cleansing toner foams easily and removes dirts from skin. It is very easy to use. With a light but inconspicuous scent and is very pleasant to the skin. The bamboo oil contained in it provides a soft coating, the long-lasting plant complex Pentavitin provides hydration for a long time.
The cream is in a modern airless system tube, with a light odor and a very pleasant consistency. Contains a lot of natural flower and plant extracts, which provide long-lasting skin protection and firmness throughout the day. I use the cream twice a day, after using the tonic. Over time, I noticed that after such careful and special care, the skin has become more nourished, much more beautiful and even. This was especially noticeable in the areas where the first wrinkles appear and the result was really impressive.
I strongly recommend using this two-step program for facial care during the cold months of the year for sensitive and very dry facial skin, so that it becomes nourished and radiant!

Katrīna, 46 years old

While reading articles on medicine.lv, I noticed that it is possible to test facial tonic and cream, especially suitable for dry and sensitive facial skin. Since I have one, I'm excited to try something new. I was surprised by the special composition of both the toner and the cream, because the added herbal wax and the special herbal composition have a long-lasting effect on the facial skin.
I used both - the tonic and the cream - twice a day, and after a little more than a week, the distinct feeling of skin dryness that was there before disappeared. The skin became moisturized and properly nourished, it was very noticeable.
I will choose this set in the future, because compared to a number of other products promising similar effects, "Fitodroga" gave me the promised effect, satisfying all my requirements regarding facial care cosmetics. I recommend trying it to others who have problems with dry skin in the winter months and who have previously been disappointed with other care cosmetics products.
Thank you very much!