Dace Dambe

I wanted to express my compliments about the cosmetics again. My skin really, really likes it and since last year's Baltic Beauty exhibition I have been loyal to it. :)


Ieva Ergle

I am currently using three Fitodroga products. Cleansing face tonic, Oxygen face cream and Oxygen eye cream. The first compliment is about the chosen packaging. The dispenser allows me to use exactly as much cream as I need, and no more. It is not necessary to think that I took more with my finger and would definitely not want to put it back. The product remains sealed and this allows me to be sure of long-lasting quality. The face toner has a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma and cleans my face well. I don't use a lot of decorative cosmetics, but I clean my face twice a day and it becomes refreshed. Until now, I have not used eye creams, because my eyes are very sensitive and they tear a lot if something gets into them. But when using this eye cream, I do not feel such a reaction. The cream is non-greasy, easy to apply and non-irritating. But the most pleasant in my benefit is the face cream. It has a lovely texture and total softness. When I apply it, I feel like I have put on a protective layer, which after a few minutes has already been absorbed into the skin and does not give the feeling that there is something too much. When you wake up in the morning, the facial skin is not hungry, it is not dry.


Dace Daukste
Thank you for excellent cosmetics! I hated eye cream, bu now I have found my perfect one, easy to use, both in texture and feel. May the path of victory continue with new and excellent products!


Sabīne Štrausa

Last Christmas, my friend gave me a gift from FitoDroga, that's how I discovered this brand, quite by accident I must say. Now that I have used several products I’ve already ordered a few more, I can safely say that my sensitive likes it, and it works well for me.  Therefore, I decided to share my experience. FitoDroga creams moisturize well, whilst do not make the skin feel greasy, it feels light and silky and nourished.  I like the almost non-existent aroma, also the convenient packaging volumes and excellent prices!  I recently started using the new night serum and the eye cream - the first impressions are just as positive as the face cream I’ve tried before! The texture of the serum takes some getting used to, but the skin is beautifully smooth in the morning.  I am glad that the Latvians have managed to create such a cool cosmetic brand.Finally I can switch from previous used popular brands directly to FITODROGA.


Gunta, 49 years old
„Fitodroga” cosmetics concept and detailed descriptions raised my interest to try the products. First of all I opened the antiaging eye cream.  It has a light, silky texture, the cream spreads and absorbs well and has an interesting, unrecognizable sent. After that, I looked at the description, and discovered that the cream contains birch sap extract and Pentavitin complex, which also contains natural substances.  I presume it creates this neutral, maybe slightly sweet aroma.  I read additional information on the label that the cream also contains the flower extract of an Alpine plant.  I use the eye cream in the mornings and evenings and sometimes when I'm at home during the day or whenever I want some encouragement for the skin.  The cream is packed in a 30 ml container with a dispenser.  Compared to the usual 15ml, which is a popular volume standard for eye creams, this is generous and encouraging.  The eye cream gives both an immediate pleasant feeling and, I think, helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.  At least it seems so!  In any case, the use of eye cream is routine for me, but it was a little different with the other "Fitodroga" test product - vitamin B3 serum.  I am not a big connoisseur or a fan of serums.  Sometimes it seems that serums require more caution and understanding in their application. The "Fitodroga" serum is packed in the same 30 ml bottle, the restrained packaging design is pleasant.  The serum itself is a transparent, yellowish liquid, which at first seems a little sticky, but absorbs surprisingly quickly into the skin and leaves no traces, only a very light, also difficult to describe, aroma.  Right away it feels like the serum starts working on skin renewal. I applied it to the rest of my face and neck, except for the eye area. This is also indicated in the instructions - do not use near eyes and mucous membranes! The serum is supposed to be quite strong, but it does not cause any irritation to the skin. You can read about it on the label that this anti-fungal serum improves the tone and structure of the skin, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, and visually reduces pores. This cream also contains extract from birch, black (chaga).  After the serum is absorbed, the skin doesn’t feel greasy. It is recommended to use it before applying night cream.  I wondered if "Fitodroga" offer a special night cream for face skin, instead I found one of the creams in the line  is an anti-aging face cream  that could be a good addition to the evening ritual.  Unfortunately, I don't have it, so I use another brand's night cream for now.  It seems that this combination is suitable for my facial skin, and I am satisfied with the results I see after product use - the skin has become more elastic and softer.  The serum should be used as a course.

Sendija, 47 years old
As a representative of the beauty care industry, it is important for me to be up to date on what is current in the industry, what is happening, new products and technologies.  And a purely feminine interest also leads me to regularly reviewing the news offered by the portal medicine.lv. After reading a article, I was interested in testing the Fitodroga products, produced locally in Latvia - FITODROGA DERMOCOSMETIC. First product that I tried was VITAMINE B3+ face serum.  I'll say right away that face serums in general are a very delicate thing for every woman.  Serum is a very powerful cosmetic because it contains strong and concentrated active substances.  For this reason, it is not used in daily care, but as a ritual for some time or once a week.  The tube has a perfect dispenser, it squeezes out exactly the amount needed to cover the face.  It is transparent, gel-like, with a distinctly delicate and light aroma.  It applies surprisingly evenly, there are no lumps anywhere, there are no sharp or obtrusive fragrances.  My face really likes this serum.  I use it before applying night cream. The second product I tried was ANTI AGE EYE CREAM.  The product packaging is the same as the first product, a dosed amount of eye cream comes out of the dispenser, exactly the right amount to apply under both eyes.  It was actually easy enough to swipe over my lips as well.  As you know, the skin on the lips and under the eyes is similar - thin and sensitive and requires special care.  I really liked the feeling after using this anti aging eye cream.  It has a valuable ingredient, olive squalane, which ensures long-lasting moisturization of the skin. Of course, the offer of creams and serums in our market is huge and the choice for women at the counter is overwhelming.  However, I recommend, first of all, to buy cosmetic products produced locally in Latvia.  And since products include high-quality raw materials, pleasant and delicate aromas. I highly recommend you to try FITODROGA DERMOCOSMETIC ANTI AGE EYE CREAM AND VITAMIN B3+ serum for the face.

Marta, 43 years old
We can be proud - the Latvian company "FitoDroga" has created innovative products that contain more than 96%  natural origin ingredients.  When I got acquainted with the description of facial care products, the valuable ingredients, I was especially interested in the PENTAVITIN complex of plant active substances, which provides long-term hydration in the deepest layers of the skin.  After the sunny summer, my face was both tanned and also had smaller and two larger pigment spots.  The skin on my face has become drier and, upon closer inspection, fine facial wrinkles have also appeared.  There are also small wrinkles in the eye area, dark circles and puffiness in the morning.  I must confess that I had never used a special eye care cream before.  Now this is very important to me and I agree that choosing the right eye cream is a long-term investment in maintaining healthy skin. The visual presentation of FITODROGA DERMOCOSMETIC eye cream and face serum is tasteful and thoughtful.  Both facials come in the same small plastic bottles with a quality dispenser to squeeze out a small amount of cream, which is especially important when using an eye cream.  Very convenient to take with you on a business trip.  From the beginning, I thought that the bottles were too small, but after using it, I realized that the face serum and especially the eye cream need a small amount of cream. I use both face care products in the morning and in the evening, applying them to cleansed facial skin.  ANTI AGE eye cream has a very soft, silky texture, and the aroma is pleasant, light, volatile - as for high-quality cosmetics.  I apply the eye cream lightly on a cleansed face in the sensitive eye area.  The cream is so gentle and fully absorbed into the skin and a very small drop of cream is enough.  You can immediately feel how well the skin becomes moisturized and enriched with what it needs. FITODROGA DERMOCOSMETIC VITAMINE B3+ serum for the face also has a light, gel-like texture that is cooling and refreshing, and just like that, the fragrance is subtle and fleeting.  The serum moisturizes very well and is completely absorbed into the facial skin.  The feeling is wonderful, the facial skin is noticeably renewed and filled.  As suggested, I lightly apply my face cream after the serum.  Already at the first time of use, the sensations were wonderful, the facial skin was very well moisturized.  After a couple of weeks, the facial skin became softer, healthier, more radiant, swelling in the eye area decreased.  After a month, I already noticed that the dark circles under my eyes have decreased and I no longer need to mask them with foundation.  I was also surprised that the small pigment spots have decreased and the two large ones have become paler and no longer as pronounced.  As a result, the tone of the facial skin has improved and the fine mimic wrinkles on the face and also in the eye area have decreased.  Facial skin has become smoother, softer and healthier.  I also received compliments from my family. I definitely recommend pampering your skin with FITODROGA DERMOCOSMETIC ANTI AGE eye cream and face serum, it is a support in maintaining well-groomed and radiant skin in the long term!  Sincere thanks to our manufacturer "FitoDroga" for these wonderful, innovative face care products!

Madara, 32 years old
I decided to test Fitodroga cream and serum because I wanted to take care of my eye skin preventively.  I chose to use the serum because it contains niacinamide, an ingredient that controls sebaceous glands in the skin, narrows the appearance of pores and reduces signs of inflammation.  The serum is very light and pleasant, spreads quickly and easily, absorbs quickly into the skin, does not leave a sticky feeling behind.  I like that the product ingredients are very clean and natural without excess substances. The eye cream seemed very soft and velvety, very easy to use with a dispenser.  The consistency is really velvety light and pleasant.  Does not leave a creamy residue when applied evenly.

Zane, 31 years old
I tested the FITODROGA eye cream and face serum. I really liked how the products were packaged - simple and tasteful.  Both bottles are miniature, but considering the consistency of the product they will last me a long time, as you only need a little bit of eye cream and serum at one time. It's hard to say what exactly worked and improved the appearance of my skin - eye cream, serum or something else I used separately or all together - but the appearance of my skin has changed for the better.  The pores have decreased, the surface of the skin is smoother, softer, more silky to the touch, and it seems more radiant than ever before.  My observation regarding the eye cream, I would like to mention is that it really helps with reducing the dark circles under the eyes, because already after a month, examining my face both in the mirror and in the latest pictures, I realized that there are no circles.  Apparently, the skin under the eyes was missing something, and FITODROGA eye cream has nourished it. I would also like to say that both FITODROGA products are very pleasant to use - with a soft, light and airy consistency, which is absorbed very quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling.  In addition, both bottles look great on a corner shelf in the bathroom because of their tasteful design.

Maija, 32 years old

My facial care ritual is an important part of my daily routine.  I clean my face carefully both in the morning and in the evening, I regularly use face cream, I like to pamper my face with various masks and serums, and I also believe that taking care of the skin is one of the most important components of daily beauty care.  I'm lucky because my skin is not fussy - most products work well, but I also like to try new things.  I tested the Fitofroga eye cream and serum. The products are in white tubes with an austere design.  The products are fragrance-free, so they will also be suitable for more sensitive people.  The serum is liquid like, so be careful not to squeeze out too much - with a very small amount of the product you can easily cover the entire face.  It works well, it is not greasy, the skin remains soft and smooth, which you can easily feel immediately after use - applying the night cream is a very pleasant process. After using the products for about a month, I can say that the condition of the facial skin has noticeably improved.  The skin is cleaner, the pores are less visible, I no longer have rashes or dry patches, which appeared quite often before.  Dark circles under the eyes have significantly reduced.  Really good and effective products!  I didn't know much about this brand before, but now I can safely recommend its products to others.  Thank you!


Irreplaceable products.  Noticeably moisturizes, protects and nourishes the skin.  I am an allergic person with a tendency to dermatitis.  I didn’t feel any irritation after using the products.  The skin is pleasant, soft and gentle!


Laura, 36 years old
Thank you so much for the wonderful Oxygen face cream!  It is so gentle, pleasant and effective, and in a 100ml package.  I am proud that we have such great brand in Latvia!


"FITODROGA DERMOCOSMETIC" – two-step facial skin care program for sensitive skin

At the end of 2021, FITODROGA in cooperation with Medicine.lv offered Latvian women to test the cleansing tonic "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic Face Tonic Anti Age" and the face cream "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic Face Cream Anti Age".

Liva, 38 years old
I applied to try "Fitodroga Dermocosmetic" cleansing tonic and face cream, because in winter my skin becomes very dry and sensitive, my usual everyday products no longer provide the desired effect, and I had not yet found the right ones. I was interested not only in the composition of the products and the promised effect, but also in the fact that the products were made in Latvia and I had never heard of them before.
„FITODROGA Dermocosmetic cleansing face tonic anti age” tonic I used every day - in the morning and in the evening. The product gently foams and perfectly cleanses the skin, including make-up, which pleasantly surprised - usually I need to use additional products to get a feeling of clean skin. If there is often a feeling of dryness after using micellar water or other tonics, this tonic did not cause it, on the contrary - the skin seemed pleasantly moisturized and ready for further procedures. I also really appreciate that tonic does not have an intensive smell, use is comfortable and pleasant.
After applying the tonic I continued with „FITODROGA Dermocosmetic anti age face cream”, which I also use in the mornings and evenings. The bottle of cream is very convenient, I liked the fact that there is a airless dispenser, so there is no need to touch the contents of the tube with your fingers, and you can squeeze it out exactly as needed. The texture of the cream is good, it is easy to apply, the aroma is pleasant, unobtrusive, does not cause unnecessary irritation, the cream is not greasy, you can immediately apply make-up.
After using the products for several weeks, I can say that the condition of the skin has improved. The dryness and sensitivity have decreased, I haven't noticed any new bumps anymore, the skin is soft and pleasantly nourished.
This will definitely be my product for the winter season, thank you!

Sintija, 43  years old
At Medicine.lv I found a wonderful offer to try a cleansing tonic "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic cleansing face tonic anti age" and face cream "FITODROGA Dermocosmetic face cream anti age", which are created in Latvia. I understand that it is time for me to work out a plan for caressing my skin. I was told that this is an anti age facial cosmetic and is suitable for sensitive skin. I got acquainted with the description and realized that this dermocosmetics is suitable for my facial skin, as it contains natural active ingredients.
I am very glad that I managed to apply to try this valuable FITODROGA dermocosmetics. I have sensitive skin, especially in the autumn / winter season it is dry, reddened, red patches tend to appear on the skin. I have tried various facial care products to protect me from the negative effects of external factors. But the results have not been too good. I also noticed that the skin of the face is no longer so firm and smooth, the first signs of aging - wrinkles - have appeared.
The design of dermocosmetics is laconic and aesthetic. The use is very convenient because the bottles come with dispensers. I started the day with a cleansing tonic, moistening the cotton swab and lightly wiping the face, it foamed a little. I really like that the tonic has a very light, natural, refreshing aroma. After using the tonic, there is a pleasant feeling of purity. The cleansing tonic has a soothing, moisturizing effect. I have to admit that I haven't used any facial cleansing tonics for a while, because after using them, the skin on my face was irritated. So before that, I simply washed my face with water. When I started using FITODROGA cleansing tonic, I realized how important it is to cleanse the face, because it reduced sensitivity, redness and inflammation in the first week. I also cleaned my face with tonic in the evening, although I didn't use make-up, and I saw how dirty the cotton swab had become.
After cleansing the face, I apply FITODROGA Anti Age cream every morning and evening. The aroma of the face cream is also light, natural and fresh, and I really like this soothing feeling. The texture of the cream is light, silky and it is immediately absorbs into the skin.
For the first time after applying the cream, I felt that the skin was both moisturized and nourished, and a soft protective layer had formed.
I have been using cleansing tonic and anti age face cream for a whole month and I am excited about the results. Facial skin is no longer dry and sensitive, redness and inflammation are gone. The skin of the face has become softer, smoother, and the wrinkles are no longer pronounced, because they are filled and smoothed. I have realized that cleansing your face with a tonic and also using an age-appropriate face cream is very important. I agree that the right choice of facial care products is a long-term investment in maintaining well-groomed skin. I have found the perfect facial cosmetics for myself.
Many thanks to FitoDroga for creating this innovative and unique dermocosmetic!

Gunda, 42 years old
On the portal medicine.lv I applied to test the two-step facial care program "Fitodroga Dermocosmetic", because my skin is dry and sensitive, especially in autumn and winter it needs special care and protection.
The cleansing toner foams easily and removes dirts from skin. It is very easy to use. With a light but inconspicuous scent and is very pleasant to the skin. The bamboo oil contained in it provides a soft coating, the long-lasting plant complex Pentavitin provides hydration for a long time.
The cream is in a modern airless system tube, with a light odor and a very pleasant consistency. Contains a lot of natural flower and plant extracts, which provide long-lasting skin protection and firmness throughout the day. I use the cream twice a day, after using the tonic. Over time, I noticed that after such careful and special care, the skin has become more nourished, much more beautiful and even. This was especially noticeable in the areas where the first wrinkles appear and the result was really impressive.
I strongly recommend using this two-step program for facial care during the cold months of the year for sensitive and very dry facial skin, so that it becomes nourished and radiant!

Katrīna, 46 years old

While reading articles on medicine.lv, I noticed that it is possible to test facial tonic and cream, especially suitable for dry and sensitive facial skin. Since I have one, I'm excited to try something new. I was surprised by the special composition of both the toner and the cream, because the added herbal wax and the special herbal composition have a long-lasting effect on the facial skin.
I used both - the tonic and the cream - twice a day, and after a little more than a week, the distinct feeling of skin dryness that was there before disappeared. The skin became moisturized and properly nourished, it was very noticeable.
I will choose this set in the future, because compared to a number of other products promising similar effects, "Fitodroga" gave me the promised effect, satisfying all my requirements regarding facial care cosmetics. I recommend trying it to others who have problems with dry skin in the winter months and who have previously been disappointed with other care cosmetics products.
Thank you very much!


SIA FitoDroga noslēgts līgums ar LIAA par inkubācijas atbalsta saņemšanu ERAF projektā Nr. 3.1.6/16/l/001 “Reģionālie biznesa inkubatori un Radošo industriju inkubators.