High-performance skin care products based on natural raw materials and the most innovative scientific approach. Using the healing power of plant active ingredients, FITODROGA product formulas work in synergy with the body, awakening the skin's natural vitality.

UNIFYING ELEMENTS. Patented natural plant active substances with proven effectiveness. Which provide long-lasting hydration, care and healing of the skin. Light, delicate hypoallergenic fragrance created in France.

THE SECRET OF HEALTHY SKIN. Proper daily skin care and lifestyle. Natural beauty, or less is more. Only a few products are needed, but they must be effective, high-quality and complementary. We offer systematic or two-step skin care, including proper skin cleansing and subsequent skin care.

BRAND PHILOSOPHY. We invite you to feel the pleasure provided by a lifestyle that combines the activation of life force in each sphere - skin, body, thoughts and emotions.

SIA FitoDroga noslēgts līgums ar LIAA par inkubācijas atbalsta saņemšanu ERAF projektā Nr. 3.1.6/16/l/001 “Reģionālie biznesa inkubatori un Radošo industriju inkubators.